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"I got onboarded onto Astronaut yesterday and can confirm it is absolutely incredible. Night and day difference from any community tool I've ever used, very obviously worth the price. You can tell they take building community seriously"

Eche Emole

Founder, Afropolitan

AI-powered insights at your fingertips

Discover patterns and trends in your community’s conversations, and drive more value with personalized engagement strategies.

Personalized Insights

Your community, your insights.

Astronaut integrates with your community platforms, like Discord, Slack, and Telegram, to understand your community’s specific needs.

Sentiment Analysis

Uncover the emotional pulse of your community.

Astronaut analyzes your community’s conversations, providing you with actionable insights on your community’s sentiments.

Insight Reports

Make data-driven decisions

Get daily or weekly reports with insights into your community’s engagement, sentiment, and more, so you can make informed decisions to improve your community’s experience.

Maximize your community’s potential

Grow and retain your community by identifying your most valuable members, gathering their feedback, and finding clever ways to engage them.

Top contributors

Discover your community’s MVPs

Identify your top contributors, so you can better engage and retain your most valuable community members.

Community Feedback

Listen to your community’s voice

Understand the needs of your community members, so you can design products and initiatives that resonate with them.

Your community, your data

Built-in security features to ensure your community's data is always protected.

Customizable permissions

Manage access levels and data visibility, giving you full control over who can see and do what.

An experienced team

Crafted by a team with years of experience in community management, AI, and data security at Meta, IBM, and Coinbase.

Say goodbye to guessing what your community needs.

With Astronaut, you can rely on actionable, data-backed recommendations to build a thriving community that provides value for your members and your brand.

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