Just launched:

Astronaut AI Moderator

Train it to moderate just like you in <5 minutes, no programming required.

A mod that matches your energy

Whether it’s a serious support forum or a casual gaming server, AI Mod will learn from your community guidelines, historical messages, and moderation logs to moderate your community just like you.

Train AI Mod in < 5 minutes.

In just a few clicks, you can import

  • Historical messages

  • Moderation logs

  • Rules and guidelines

Then, set permissions. For each type of action, choose whether you want AI Mod to act automatically, ask for permission, or simply log the violation with no action.

Stay informed with a real-time dashboard

See a full log of all violations and AI Mod activities on a comprehensive dashboard. Undo actions, tweak preferences, and ensure your moderation activity remains on track.

Watch AI Mod get smarter over time

Each time the AI Mod takes an action, you can provide feedback to confirm if the action was correct or needs to be overridden. Over time, it learns about false positives and edge cases, further calibrating to your team’s domain-specific expectations.

Experience the magic yourself

The most powerful platform for community insights,
meets the most powerful AI-powered moderator.

©️ Astronaut, Inc.

©️ Astronaut, Inc.